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the great deception

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    The following excerpt sums it (The Great Deception) up very nicely......

    "People know that gold and silver should really be doing better now with all we have seen transpire this year so some people are using that as a justification not to buy it. As John Embry has said, "that is exactly the mindset the guys driving the price down are trying to create." You can be sure when they can no longer drive it down they will be the big owners when it all bottoms."

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    As usual the article backs up its assertions with lots of well reasoned analysis and facts.

    The mindset referred to is 'capitualation' is a little souring to know that when it turns around those left holding gold and silver will almost certainly be in the company of the criminals which got us to that point.

    So yes, manipulation supporters we know what your agenda is, so you can spare the loony conspiracy theorist rant, however by all means meaningful and insightful rebuttals of the article would be most welcome.
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