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the germans will be excited !

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    No doubt the Germans who waded into the stock will be excited to know that GCN has run out of money completely and is relying on loans from the "Parent Company" ..that just happens to hold about 250 million shares. Perhaps SSI are selling GCN shares to "believers" ..thus generating cash ( and profit - because these shares effectively cost them nothing )...so they can then lend this money to GCN to fund its ongoing appetite for working capital.

    Thats kind of clever ( if it is the case ) .... something akin to printing money ... only the market hasn't woken up to the fact that there are effectively no reserves to back the value of the notes .... Germans might remember when the Mark became worthless , a couple of generations ago ......about 50 million or so would get a loaf of bread.

    Now we all know that GCN might be onto the best technology since sliced bread , with their "five year old innovation"......but then again they might not ( I suspect the latter - five years is a long time !!!!) ......the company's challenge now is make people believe they are ...to support the collatoral that will keep funding the losses.

    Once that motor runs outs .........maybe 50 million GCN shares wont even buy a loaf of bread ........ but the Germans wouldn't worry about that .....(not )...anyway time will tell. These stories need believers to keep the wheels turning ......and this one will need a lot of believers ...unquestioning believers ...and preferably ones who cant add up , or devide ..... particluarly sums like "not very much at all" divided by 310 million.
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