the germans are making fun of us!

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    Shows us for the hypocritical idiots we are:
    We can't allow Mufti al Hilaly because of his "extreme" views but we'll send over the Catholic dikhead, Pell, even though his views are even more extreme!

    From Deutcshe Weller:
    Australia says Muslim leader's views extreme
    Australian foreign minister Alexander Downer has justified a government decision to exclude the country's main Islamic spiritual leader from an inter-faith delegation to Indonesia. Downer asserted that the views of Mufti Sheik Taj el-Din al Hilaly were extreme. The visit by the delegation next month will focus on how to combat Islamist extremism. Downer said that the government wanted a conciliatory and consensus-building forum and not a provocative one. The Australian delegation of 10 representatives from the Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist faiths will include the controversial Catholic Archbishop of Sydney Cardinal George Pell.
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