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    Hey guys,

    SSV you go for the charting mate. Personally within the thread i just read you have hedged your bets in everyway possible that it could do anything and you'd be right. I agree with your points of resistance, and believe that the move will occur a day or 2 before announcement. It does look ready to pop anytime soon, so perhaps Mexico is soon. What we do know is Medica is in 2 weeks and AGM a few days prior.

    GSW you still have a couple of days to get your inside knowledge and Mexico guess correct. Otherwise its zero from about 7 attempts.

    AJ i may be negative, I got FDA setback right, I am right about Mexico. Those are 2 fairly substantial things to be right about.

    All of a sudden November is shaping as the month for SBN. In August it was September. In September it was October.

    Again i dont doubt the potential, never have and hence why i hold and recently added.

    Some have said they are happy with how the business is building. Now i may be old fashioned but id be happy when this turns green for me, and that for me is the bottom line. Im selfishly looking at the SP believe it or not, not the story although its good to have one.

    Once again i will be a seller at 4 cents for a portion of my shares.

    I wrote a post back in July about my predictions of SP. Vintage told me i was being extremely conservative with my SP prediction of 4 cents best case scenario by years end. As usual the backslappers agreed.

    I also said you will get many profit takers for even 10%, yet the usual gang said not with top 20 solid as a rock etc etc. Well you all got that one wrong. People will always take a profit and that isnt a hindsight comment, i made it right after rights issue.

    Well we have 8 weeks to see 4 cents, who is still so sure that my 4 cent prediction was incredibly conservative?

    For all the negative comments i get about myself which is perhaps justified. Theres an awful lot of positive talk for an SP at 1.2 cents.

    Is that justified?

    When do the 2 cancel each other out?

    I can make 1 negative comment and be known as the villain. You guys can make hundreds of posts of positivity, some not even remotely related to SBN. The price is at historic lows and take offence to extremes to a poster who challenges.

    I will keep challenging posts, it is what i do for this thread. I think it keeps it balanced and at very least makes you double check your research and make your commitment to SBN more solid with your findings.

    If or when the train leaves im more then happy to board the toot toot train.

    So far its 1.8 cents off any type of toot from me.

    Yes.... what a ramble!
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