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I'd like to summarize the very positive outlook for this company...

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    I'd like to summarize the very positive outlook for this company presented in posts that may have been lost at the bottom of another long thread here....

    Travelan potential for sales growth is set out at page 21 of the recent slide update here and it is worthwhile taking some time to consider that in 2013 two of the four known competitors Pepto Bismal and Immodium had combined sales in Travelan's targeted market of $165,100,000 US. Neither of these products actually kill/cure/remove the cause of diarrhea. Travelan does.

    The market for Travelan is huge in the order of $100,000,000 US according to Immuron once FDA approval is granted. Remember Travelan will be the first ever approved FDA drug for Travellers' Diarrhea.

    Obtaining FDA approval would seem to be a given. If evidence existed that Travelan does not work or is injurious to health in some fashion it is highly likely that it would have surfaced by now.

    Over 600,000 packets of Travelan have been sold and consumed and large scale testing of IMM-124E (which the company now clearly states is Travelan) has been undertaken including on human subjects in Phase 2 NASH trials and on primates by the US military.

    There can be no doubt that FDA approval will eventually be forthcoming and Travelan will be the only FDA drug approved for Traveller's Diarrhea with the advantage that it will not add to antibiotic resistance and so can be prescribed without constraint by the medical profession as and when requested or when indicated.

    With regards to NASH:

    “We believe that effective therapy for NASH will ultimately require a combination approach that targets distinct pathways involved in the pathogenesis of this disease.” -John Mc Hutchison, AO, MD, Chief Scientific Officer and Head of Research and Development, GileadSciences.

    This is further confirmation of the opinion expressed by Prof Arun Sanyal that a treatment for NASH will require combination therapies. In this regard it is worth noting that Prof Sanyal who led Immuron's Phase 2 NASH trial of IMM-124E (Travelan) was extremely excited about its ability to lower LPS.

    When Travelan (IMM-124E) is approved by the FDA for prescription for travellers diarrhoea it will also be available for prescription for other purposes INCLUDING the lowering of LPS associated inflammatory burden for the purpose of improving liver enzymes as part of a combination approach to the targeting of distinct pathways involved in the pathogenesis of NASH.

    In addition to the growth in Travelan sales and IMM-124E FDA approval, there is also the possibility of positive results in ASH and C.Diff. The future value of this company is looking decidedly bright in my opinion.

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