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    EGM - contempt and 'giddy up'

    I agree in part with most on here but I cannot get my head around these words mentioned at the AGM or last EGM.

    "We are just about cash flow positive". The Dec quarterly told a very different story, $600k cash shortfall in the half year (given revenue was only just over $1.3m, horrendous if we take out PRI injection). Then again maybe $600k (40-50%) shortfall on PLANET X is cash positive. This is the only explanation I can come up with!!!

    You hit the nail on the head, INT cried 'WOLF'. Until these announcements on potential revenue seep into the financials then zip, zero, nil will appear on the SP, minor moves only.

    Remember Brokers and Insto's use these reports, not the hyped up co. ann that mean nothing if they are just 'LIES'.

    FIGURES REPORT THE FACTS. Planet X directors report some other mumbo jumbo.

    I want to see the contracts, sales ad revenue. The last ann. does not even mention the distributor who ordered the globes, why? Are they scared I will go into the retail shop and not see them and know there is something wrong. Why hide this stuff!!!

    GRADING for '101' training course, three directors, 'D', 'E', and 'F'.

    What happened to the revenue forecasts that were coming out in Feb?

    I cold write a FICTIONAL children’s story book based on this whole story told by the directors from PLANET X.
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