The FRAUD discovery rolls on;

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    Data Files Reportedly Deleted in Arizona Before Providing Machines to Senate Auditors May Have Been Recovered by the Audit Team

    By Joe Hoft
    Published May 16, 2021 at 12:15pm

    The deleted database files noted by the Arizona Senate in their letter to Maricopa County’s Board of Supervisors may have been recovered by the audit team.

    This past week we reported the bombshell that there were files that were erased from the machines requested to audit in Maricopa County only days before providing the machines to the Senate’s auditors.
    ……. On Saturday it was reported that there is speculation going around the net (Codemonkey is back) that:

    The image is of all the files that have been UNDELETED. That shows it was recovered by the forensic IT teams. It’s not to show us that they were deleted it is to show that they HAVE IT ALL.

    We shall soon see. If this is true, do you think the individuals in the state and county that are trying to stop this audit know this? ....

    The Ides of Fraud are approaching fast!

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