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the first wave

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    Hi Folks

    A small step forward today for long term holders...a big one for the 'new wave of investors and traders'

    Its so great to have the Managing Director buy shares in the company!!

    Too bad its the MD of 'another company' ;) Well done Showman :))

    Watching are we Pat Ryan and Kate Hobbs?

    This guy runs another company and has put more on the line than what any of the current management and Board have done...excluding Kate Hobbs.

    AND..he didnt have to issue himself cheap options to do it! And.. he was transparent enough to declare he would buy them BEFORE he did.

    I'm not about to start jumping up and down because it was a positive, but relatively small step ..imo.

    I hope though that it has demonstrated what predominantly I, and SP3 and some others have been saying here;

    1. If you want them you have to 'step up' and buy them.

    2. When it goes it will go multiples on news.

    Well today folks we hit a high of 33 cents on NO NEWS. It settled back and may come back some more. But note how it moved and the lack of sell depth?

    I might also add that 2008 has been a good one for the likes of those among us who have been positive about Uran.
    Those who bought THIS YEAR are in the money and set HOPEFULLY for much better things.

    This last 12 months demonstrated beautifully the exhausted sell side. For a lot of burnt out, and out of the money invetsors not too many stepped up today and sold.
    In fact only 750,000 FPO's traded and 300,000 options.

    It speaks volumes about the perceived value here.

    what happens on REAL news? What happens when/if Ukraine deposits are acquired?

    Folks today was a great example today of trading on your gut or feeling.
    Many of us 'felt' this was ready to move. The signs were there..in fact ARE THERE.

    Low volume for months. No sellers. Buyers wanting absolute certainty of a bargain before buying or thinking "i'm not going to catch a falling knife"

    Fair enough for those cautious investors.

    But FUNDAMENTALLY..and yes, fundamentals DO APPLY to these situations because there 'is' value here...the market has been screaming it for months if you would have cared to look.

    We are on the brink of major developments and news from Ukraine and Czech.
    We are also close to hearing the news on Bulgarian applications and our MOU in Kazakhstan must have created 'some leads'
    Pribram too must be close to an update.
    Not to mention the OTHER projects that are being negotiated that we dont know about.

    Folks, the market cap was, and is tiny. It was, and is a bargain.
    The doomsday merchants will tell you Uran has nothing and that its a dog.
    Well their dog doubled today.

    Sometimes you do your research you look at what the company is negotiating and trying to acquire, you look at why they havent acquired it, and then you look at what might happen when or if they do.

    You sit and wait for confirmation ON NEWS...or you buy in the hope that just 1 project will mean you have invested well.

    Nothing is guaranteed here. Its a speculative company. but this move 'may' have given some out there a chance to accumulate some before the next announcement...

    Today we saw a glimpse of what can happen.

    On news expect the volumes to be many multiples of today and expect the share price to appreciate markedly.
    Cotik thinks that we could see a 30 million plus volume day (still think that Cotik?)
    I think that is pushing it. But we may see closer to 10 million imo.

    For the record I didnt sell/trade any shares and wouldnt at these levels
    Today we traded small volumes relatively speaking, doubled on no news, so those fundamentally waiting for news.

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