The first casualty

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    Let me say to begin with that I was appalled by the 7-11
    terrorist attack.

    Nevertheless the old adage about the first casualty in war
    being truth still applies.

    The poms are claimng that if the Iraqis got their habds on fissionable material they could whip up a nuke in a couple of months.

    If Australia was supplied with sufficient U235 we could whip up a nuke in nothing flat. All it needs is an artillery
    barrel, two sub-critical masses of uranium and a few
    extra goodies to make it work.

    Of course separating U235 from U238 is anything but easy and would be hard to hide from UN inspectors so unless someone supplies Saddam with lots Of U235
    this is not the way to make the bomb.

    On the other hand plutonium is relatively easy to manufacture or steal. The problem is that making a plutonium bomb is anything but easy. Iraq would take time to make one.

    Why not justify an attack on Saddam because of his biological and chemical weapons. We know that he has them aND THIS ALONE JUSTIFIES AN ATTACK.
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