The firing squad

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    All following hypothetical observations on the current "Firing Squad" situation are "Alleged" -

    Wonder if those who, gleeful, or uncompassionate, would be happy to take up a rifle - and join in the firing squad which will kill "our" two "boys"..and, moreso, if they were named, e.g. "J. Smith" - or "P. McNamara?"

    Wonder whether those who, grimly, bloodthirstedly, clamor for these two Australians to be cold-bloodedly taken out, blindfolded, tied to some palm tree. at night, on some remote beach, and shot, could or would pick up a rifle and go out and hel desptach them in cold blood? God only knows, none of us BEING God, know whether either is truly remorseful, and reformed - WE have no way of knowing the state of their minds, their hearts, THEIR consciences!) This applied to all human relations.

    I would then ask you - "If your passion is such - that you would kill to punish these men - why don't you all (of this more vengeful persuasion) get similarly outraged about the bleedingly obvious - that Australia, and thre world, is totally awash with drug traffickers and low life dealers - yet for this trade to be so flourishing the real Mr. Bigs are surving and thriving, and geeting away with virtual murder in the plying of all this stuff. And HOW are they getting away - it's mostly te "little" men who get caught. Their bosses unknown. Why aren'y you all screaming "STOP them - WHo are they? - Why are they getting off scot free?" Why, because theyhave friends in high places. Because so-called "respectable" politicians, police, and lawmakers are taking the rake offs. Looking the other way.

    Yes, palms are greased. Huge monies are involved. RAdical Islamists are involved. Bikie gangs, Union thugs. Criminal networks. Whether it's here - or Timbuctoo. These vicious networks of death, murder, and destruction of many innocent lives via addition. Yet drugs are here? Right throughout the world? This is now becomig "respectable" commercial trade. Because the right people are being paid off.

    A Balinese friend who should know as he's heavily involved in legit. business up there - discussing the drug trade in general with a relative recently up there - alleges what he says is common knowledge in Bali - that one of the main and best known sources of drugs is Kerobokan prison ityself. Just go there, stand outside, and eventually do a "hey' you - throw it over the wall to us out here" deal with varied officials, guards, inmates inside.

    Perhaps (and this IS a perhaps - and allegedly) - certain "high profile and genuinely reformed inmates in said prison know a litte too much about what's really going on there with regard to other's activities in this alleged "over the wall" dealings environment? Could it be, allegedly, that they are being "shut up" in the most brutal manner available?

    I suggest this is an avenue their legal representative could explore. But have to hurry up.

    Such scenarios assume various visitors smuggle in small easily concealed supplies. Some of which may be allegedly flogged off over the wall - a sneaky small time trading racket between the locals and tourists and prison officials all in the know. Scared of being revealed?

    Corruption is rife throughout the world. Particularly Asia, where life, for the majority, is SO tough. Every man and his dog knows this.

    A little hypocritical - to imprison someone for ten years - then suddenly (change of President) get a new bloke, what, allegedly, all surfacey self-righteous, and start marching people out and KILLING them - in cold blood?

    WHat sort of Attorney General states he'll ignore this latest new judicial enquiry review -go ahead and kill them, regardless. SOME legal system? It's then, a total joke!

    A littlr two faced on behalf of these constant agitators - ALWAYS whining about "those poor inmates of detention centres" here - almost ALL of whom have come here under the regime of lying about their true indentities - destroying or hiding their paper work - chososing to hunger strike or sew up lips as a form of emotional blackmail - yes plenty of sympathy for THEM.

    And absolutely NONE for these Aussies. This suspense is a form of torture- metnal torture. For them, and their families. It's totally disgusting. And inhumane. Kerobokan itself a hell-hole. Ten years there the equivalent of thirty, in a decent Aussie prison!

    Deport them - under some agreement that we'll keep them in gaol for an agreed pngoing term here. But why MURDER them. WE don't believe in the death penalty. For it's not only THEM who are killed, their families lives are wrecked as well. The families innocent.

    Before lots of wraths descend on me - I am NOT condoning what they did - and if they'd been tried in an Australian court, found guilty under our Australian laws, as we understand and value them (as much as we can - ours also often flawed) - these two would now be serving a very long prison sentence here, on would assume. We would not take them out, one dark night, top some remote beach, tie them to a palm tree, and SHOOT them! Australia does not have the death penalty.

    Demonstrators the other night showed respect for both our Government, and the Indonesian Government. Just asking for compassion to be extended to our citizens, who have already served ten years - no one is asking that they be freed (i/e/ "let off").

    Selling of drugs to Aussies and others allegedly RIFE all along the Kuta stretch - nightclubs - and beyond. Some top cops, allegedly, "in" on the lurks. Like the Mafia - allegedly call in regularly for their "protection money" rakeoffs. How totally hypocritical of some Indonesians then, allegedly taking the money under the counter on the one hand, yet being now wucik to want to shoot Aussies and other Internationals on the other.

    No, two wrongs don't make a right. But they're quick to want to kill ours - (what some show of defiant "strength" to OZ?) Whilst theirs just keep on keeping on. Allegedly looking the other way - re. this despicable trade, under their so-called "strict" laws.. And seemingly, crooks doing it with impunity.

    I can't hope for much. Why, even crude knife butchering murderous beheadings of innocents ( a vile slow and tortuous death) - put on video for public entertainement by Isis hugs don't even seem to raise many outrages eyebrows these days. Just HOW insensitive to such horrors are we becoming?

    The "poor David Hicks" brigade. SO selectively outraged. Some.
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