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The Fight left in the Houthi up North

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    I just want to point out the amount of fight left in the Houthi up North. There are 4 pictures in this post- the first is the end of the Houthi attack, the second is the start of the attack, whilst the third shows picture of the junction.

    The fourth shows proximity to Marib and hence PSA's Block S1.

    Recent fighting (last couple of days) in Al Jawf (the Governorate above Marib (see 4th picture with Marib in green), has caused the coalition consternation given Houthi planned it as a back door into the oil-rich Marib. Although Al Jawf is mainly desert and has limited value except for control, it has been used as a smuggling route overland from Oman for the Houthi for most of the war via a corrupt Governor in city of Al-Hazm (This just coming to light as I type).

    Al Jawf's capital city of Al-Hazmis is located on the middle flag in first picture. The Yemen army was supposed to hold sway but turned and ran away leaving tribes to hold the defense of the city of Al-Hazm. It was left to the coalition air-force to check the attack (not before firing at and killing some of this runaway army)

    Houthi attack -second picture
    Violent clashes west of the city of Al-Hazm, the center of a governorate, after an attack by the Houthi forces towards the axes of Al-Matun and the mountains of Al-Ghail and Al-Khalq and interfered with coalition aircraft, with 13 strikes, in order to stop the attack.
    The initial attack by the Houthi is below. I believe the bottom arrow is the junction of the Marib -Al Jawf roads

    3rd picture
    The war in #اليمن battle #نهم Pages belonging to the Houthis publish videos and pictures of Houthi fighters in the Al-Jouf Junction on 25/1-2020 and we were able to locate the photographer near the Al-Jouf Junction (Marib Triangle - Al-Jouf - Sanaa). Video link

    BTW, PSA's S1 block sits in Shabwah - Sorry can't put a mark on the map,... located below the "RHS of the end of the flag" assoc with the %90 label. Roughly speaking it would be half way between the "6" of the watermark (bottom) and the flag-end in the desert area.
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