the farce of the eu

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    The Farce of the EU
    by Angela Bertz
    Nov 10, '04

    I am sure that the reaction of most people if they were to come across an individual that had a doctorate in physics, was a Fulbright scholar at several American universities, a professor in solid-states physics and the author of over 30 publications, would be, quite simply, "Wow!"

    They would, of course, be equally impressed to find out that said person had joined the Spanish Socialist Party in 1964 and has been a member of the Spanish Parliament since 1977.

    In fact, this educated man now gives European Union diplomacy a face, as High Representative for common foreign and security policy.

    He has had an illustrious career, spanning four decades.

    It is of course the face of Dr. Javier Solana, aged 62 and Spanish by birth.

    This same Dr. Javier Solana would, in fact, play no small part in what was to happen to Leah Levine in Tel Aviv on that fateful morning, the 1st of November, 2004.

    The day dawned bright and sunny for Leah, as yet unaware of the macabre and heinous sequence of events that were already unfolding. They were to end with her body splattered across a busy market in Tel Aviv.

    Her thoughts would have been a million miles away from Dr. Javier Solana's rise through the ranks. She was probably thinking of one of her four children or five grandchildren as she made her way to the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv.

    At the same time Leah was making her way to the market, a brainwashed 16-year-old boy had already left his home in the Palestinian-controlled town of Shechem. This demonized teenager continued his travels via Ramallah and, finding a gap in Israel's security barrier - specifically built to keep such heinous monsters out - headed towards Jerusalem.

    Leah Levine would have been blissfully unaware that this creature, nurtured by years of Palestinian hate incitement had at some point changed his plans and was now heading for the same market as her, strapped with an explosives belt.

    Yasser Arafat, in the meantime, main mentor and creator of the teenage ghoul and millions more like him, was lying comfortably in a hospital bed in Paris. Doctors would be anxious to dispel any concerns and rumours about his health and well-being. They would be giving numerous updates on this distinguished dignitary to Palestinian Authority spokespeople to pass on to a concerned world.

    French President Jacques Chirac had already conveyed his country's pride in playing host (to a mass murderer). He stressed his country's backing for the aspirations his ailing guest embodied, for the creation of a viable, prosperous and peaceful Palestinian state alongside a state of Israel (seemingly unaware that the very viable state of Israel has already been around for 56 years and that the Palestinians could have had their own state long ago). He concluded this sickening drivel by stressing his sincerest wishes for Arafat's recovery and by extending his cordial friendship.

    One could excuse President Chirac for not having a doctorate in physics; therefore, he was probably of limited intelligence and unable to grasp what his guest with the fading platelet count really represented.

    Leah Levine would have known only too well.

    Dr. Javier Solana, with all his education, could have made the connection, had he wanted, between the virus-ridden Arafat and what would happen to Leah Levine later that morning. Dr. Solana, like many others, have for years chosen to almost play down Palestinian terrorism, thereby sealing the fate of not only Leah Levine, but for over a thousand more innocent Israelis. Spokeswoman Christina Gallach said that Dr. Javier Solana had been to Paris to meet with Palestinian representatives and to pay homage to Arafat by sending him his best wishes.

    Dr. Solana, speaking to reporters back in Brussels, said "It is important for Israel to recognize that the institutions (of government) are working in the Palestinian areas."

    Israel and any intelligent person, even those without a doctorate in physics, would easily recognize that the only institutions working in the Palestinian areas are bloodcurdling terrorist organizations like Hamas, PFLP, Islamic Jihad and Arafat's very own henchmen, the Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade. These bands of thugs, under the tutelage and authority of the now waning despot Arafat, have for over four years launched a wave of terrorism on Israel's innocent civilians unparalleled by any other faction of human society.

    The only thing that Palestinian institutions (government, if that's what you want to call it) have ever worked on has been terrorism.

    At about 11:15 on the 1st of November, while Yasser Arafat was having extensive tests and Dr. Javier Solana was making feeble excuses for this monster, Leah Levine was blown to pieces by the same demonic Palestinian child that had left Shechem that morning.

    Both of them were tragic victims of Yasser Arafat's policies.

    Dr. Javier Solana, like his counterpart, Arab lackey Kofi Annan at the United Nations, has for years simply turned a blind eye to Palestinian terrorism. They have flooded their respective organizations with such pathetic euphemisms as "desperate", "Palestinian plight" and "cycle of violence", as if there was some moral equivalent to premeditated murder and actions of self defense.

    Arafat has devoted his life to terrorism and hijacked any so-called cause the Palestinians ever had. He has created a society that thrives on hatred, revels in death and uses their children as pawns. Arafat has systematically stolen billions of dollars in aid money (much of it coming from the EU) and deliberately kept his people in extreme poverty and ignorance to further his only cause in life – the destruction of Israel.

    Had Dr. Javier Solana ever acknowledged that fact, instead of glorifying Palestinian terrorism as some romantic and noble cause, then maybe Leah Levine would have returned home that fateful day from the market.

    Maybe the 16-year-old youth could have been given some hope for the future.

    Maybe his repugnant mother would have cried tears of shame for the society she lives in, instead of saying that an older person should have been recruited for that act of mass murder.

    On the 2nd of November, the day after Leah Levine and two other innocent victims had been splattered all over the market, Dr. Javier Solana had the sickening gall to praise the PA's performance in Arafat's absence. He was quick to point out that despite the PA leader's hospitalization, affairs continued without visible interruption.

    Sadly for Leah Levine and her now widowed husband, four children and five grandchildren, that remark was tragically true.

    Maybe it's time Dr. Solana woke up to the wave of terror and havoc Islamic fundamentalism is causing on his own European doorstep: harassment of Antwerp's large Jewish community; desecration of Jewish cemeteries in France; the murder of a Dutch filmmaker by Muslims, for daring to criticize the treatment of their women; and Swedish city streets that police dare not tread for fear of Muslims.

    Dr. Solana – the face of the EU.

    Frankly I would call this good doctor and his heinous apologist remarks on terrorism a farce.

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