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The fabled Mr Paul Cozzi

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    Guru? Soothsayer? World's Greatest stock picker? I will leave it to you to decide.

    What I have uncovered is that at 13 April 2015 our beloved Mr Paul Cozzi managed to amass a monster 29,763,084 shares in Galaxy Resources which included accumulation over a long period of trading around $0.03 cents a share. By 1 June 2016 the share price had risen to a high of $0.58 a being over 1,900% growth.

    Galaxy Resources of course is a global lithium company so backing Galaxy Resources is essentially backing battery technology.

    And now this man about whom the children sing their praise in their ballads of his success and glory has turned his attention to a new technology - SILEX Laser Enrichment.

    At 12 September 2016 our hero had endowed himself with a mind boggling 4,800,000 shares - many of which would have been accumulated under $0.50.

    Whilst us SirKnight's, Bobbybens, scaggs, cjliesbs, expos, mandolins, posties, zogs, rossarts, wubings, Mooseys, terangs, Kingsleadhats, BoroBoyinoz, dnylands, Coits, Icemen and will look upon Mr Paul Cozzi with pride and admiration, yet nervous with the what the GLE restructure has install.  

    Mr Paul Cozzi fearless, faithful and experienced in picking technology winners stands like a lighthouse guiding us mere mortals to financial security that only 20 baggers can bring.

    Who is he? Where is he?  We know not.  

    Perhaps he is amongst us!  Perhaps he is not.

    Though it matters not so long as the legendary Mr Paul Cozzi sits at the 4th largest shareholder in a little known technology company know as Silex.

    I am... SirKnight... and I am no Paul Cozzi.
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