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    the night before the 15/2 when the banks were due to give cnp more time and the night before last fridays ann everybody was so positive and saying that the shareprice is going to go to over a dollar,i was positive myself,now all of a sudden because everyone is so negative on hot copper and because of negative reports on all newspapers,everyone is having a diarhea and scared about cnp.cnp will never go under,might test the all time low of 33c next week but I STRONGLY BELIEVE COME SEPT CNP WILL BE A $2 STOCK,so hang in there fellows,be optimistic,whether it will be rufrano or mirvac or lend lease or g.e or blackstone that saves cnp,the day will come and money will be made from this company-still holding 220000,yes i am at a loss but not worried,remember guys when burns philp went down to 3c from $2.20 in nov 1998 and within 18months went up to over a $1,everybody thought mr hart was going to go bankrupt and now he is the richest kiwi...good luck,yes we need it but payience will pay big time.
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