The essence of the battle for Warringah

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    The battle for Warringah is between Tony and Getup – it isas simple as that and IMO, Tony has recognised that and is preparing for thatbattle.

    IMO Warringah represents a crucial battle between maintainingthis great country of ours to around the ‘centre’ of politics and a lurch tothe hard left.

    Getup is throwing everything, including the kitchen sinkIMO, into this battle and the outcome in Warringah will be critical for thefuture of Getup. If they lose their influence in politics will wane.

    I would hope that the good people of Warringah read the speechby Sir Robert Gordon Menzies (may he RIP) on “The Forgotten People” before castingtheir vote and that they do not listen to the “interpretation” placed on thisspeech by Malcolm Turnbull but decide for themselves as to the meaning of thespeech!

    Make no mistake, this is THE crucial battle in the coming Federal election, IMO.

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