?the earth is more important than camels,?

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    Said Julia Gillard.

    "?Eat a camel, Save the Planet,? is the slogan being used by the Australian government.
    ?We?re a nation of innovators and we find innovative solutions to our challenges ? this is just a classic example,? said Gillard."
    "?Camel meat is delicious?, said Prime Minister Gillard."

    "Canberra?s ?Carbon Farming Initiative? encourages Australians to slaughter as many camels as possible ? to help combat Climate Change."

    Full article:

    I'm disappointed, Julia....I supported your decision on the live cattle trade. And now this? An invitation to "slaughter" our camels? The hot air rising from Canberra has a bigger greenhouse effect than these poor creatures....maybe you could cull a little there, eh?

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