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the early bird...

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    You know the saying.

    The potential outcome has been laid out for us.

    So you either back it to go ahead as planned, or don't. To me, downside is a loss of anywhere between 30 and 90 percent. Upside is anywhere between 500 and 10,000 percent. Worth a punt?

    Designated onshore and offshore oilfields

    Upon conclusion of the recommendation of the Advisory Board, it is the intention of the parties to proceed to definitive contract

    Then there is Fortitude and the Diamonds, both of which haven't had any shareprice effect thus far, so one would assume oil fields are what's on the big boys minds in the near term. What great 2nd fiddle projects to have though!

    And as has been discussed, if we can JORC up that copper, it will be hard to pick between it and the oil plays as 'favourite son'.

    Nothing in concrete yet, so still speculation, but wow. As if those of us already holding weren't hungry enough. An announcement like this comes out and just c**k teases us all some more!

    Are we there yet are we there yet? lol
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