the dumster or the op shop

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    a couple of weeks ago, watso cycled past a house, with a dumster bin out the front - but there was a sign advertising the sale of some item. even though watso scabs most of his bike stuff for free, he does keep an eye open for cheap bikes...anyway, there is a bike leaning against the dumpster and watso esquires about the price (good tyres and tubes are worth a few dollars) - well, the bike is free - so watso takes it - a $300 bike in EXCELLENT condition for free.

    watso looked into the dumpster - and most of the stuff was in perfect condition - heaps of good baby stuff - this was the throw away stuff from a riverside home - anyway, watso took the free bike and was told as a little extra - take what you want!!! we are just getting rid of stuff - well, watso took a few extras and took them to the op shop.

    the stark reality is that the whole lot could have been taken to the op shop - and the people could have saved themselves the cost of the dumpster.

    ok - around a corner or two , a riverside house has just been demolished - a perfectly wonderful house - but it was knocked down - and watso was chatting to some one who knew some one else etc etc - but according to that story, was that someone did not like the house, and the mother is paying for a new house .

    irrespective of the above , but someone is knocking down a perfectly wonderful riverfront home - for no other reason that they do not like it - ok, their money, they can do what they like - and the same for just tossing out perfectly good stuff, that other people could use.

    when watso separated, and all of a sudden there was a lot of surplus stuff, watso phoned the op shop (either st vinnies, or the salvos) - and obviously from experience, they took, what they knew could sell, of could be given away
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