the dow up again, 1.2+%, 1987 all over again?lol

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    Hi guys,

    The dow is up again.

    Dow 10,554.89 +126.87 (+1.22%)
    Nasdaq 2,130.11 +33.30 (+1.59%)
    S&P 500 1,187.74 +13.92 (+1.19%)

    sure they are expensive compared to the ASX

    But cause tehya re up so much we now need to follow???

    If they were down we would go down too????

    F*ckin losers following losers.

    We are doing so much better then them we should not care what happens there.

    But, Of course we do.

    Some come out to short the asx about 2 moths ago & came out with phrases like "still your trading nappies"


    Who has sh*t in their pants now???????????

    not me.

    I have known it is a bull market for a long time.

    Why fight the trend????

    I really don't know what the charts say but as I have said many times,,,


    There is currently no better asset class in Australia for people to invest in than the share market.


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