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the dogs bone

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    Its hardly been a DT's stock as gains in price havent been there.
    - And given there has been a consistant higher volume over this period than has been seen in this stock for months before signals to me someone or company has been accumulating??
    - But whos been selling? Directors perhaps?
    - MAybe disgruntelled holders who are very stubbon not to sell below what, 60-64c and prepared to offload in small parcels?
    - Is this current rise just a bone thats being chucked to existing holders to throw them of the scent that something is up?

    Yeah yeah I know - quit the conspiracy crap. But nothing over the last few months has pointed to any logical reason for the consistant selling/buying in the 60's without any reason except for JORC but all that will do is lock in a value for the asset which should be pretty much factored in by now - well there abouts anyhow.

    Something just doesnt smell right or wrong to me just cant decide what type of smell it is........
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