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The display house location

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    Ok lets stop guessing and start cold hard logic without emotions and speculation, let's start:

    first of all archistruct tested the 11 structures completely including dressing of the walls:


    archistruct personnel(person in pink vest) inspected the bonding of the facade wall unto the w.a.a.s wall so we know that archistruct will probably plan to build the display house including a secondary facade wall, keep that in mind i will return later to this point.

    fbr also showed us the exact spot where the display build is:


    if you look very closely at the background you will see the surrounding of the slab of the display home, this is where we will be focusing on, there was also one more snippet that showed us the surroundings of the display home:


    now there are many clues in the revealed display home slab footage that can help us to pinpoint the location

    more later we will go c.i.a. on the surrounding clues to pinpoint the location.
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