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    G'day Howareya,

    I've had a look at those stocks you mentioned.

    ABC - if you get Guppys newsletter you may have been following this one for a while like myself. It is a very strong triangle. I believe the upper target for this one was 1.27.

    BBG - I like it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    OMI - Well I missed this one. But its easy to spot and it proves that such patterns work.

    ADU - not so strong IMO but who cares if you've been riding it.

    ADA - I am assuming you are referring to the one currently under contruction beginning on 28 Nov. I'll keep watching it. Potential for a very strong up move if it continues to form the pattern strongly.
    I notice that just prior to this, another triangle pattern formed between end of Oct to mid Nov. It certainly made a nice bottom entry opportunity for this stock.

    Seeing this thread was originally about AYO, my only other comment regarding this stock is......hurry up.

    The buyers are building in the market depth, but on Friday, they were obviously non committal and showed no intention of out bidding each other despite the sell side drying up.

    I don't believe I can keep readjusting the pattern each day for much longer before it gets to a point that the stock breaks out of 'pattern mode' and slips into a sideways movement.

    Still watching, still holding

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