The demise of independent media

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    Reports of how Rupert Murdoch and Kerry Stokes discussed the need to terminate Malcolm Turnbull's leadership should have rung alarm bells that the very heart of Australian democracy was being abused. Turnbull's subsequent political assassination following years of relentless undermining by Murdoch mouthpieces provoked widespread public outrage, sadly it was NOT directed at the puppeteers but instead at their muppets.

    With Clementine Ford's article in the Saturday Paper this morning it appears that  whistle-blowing against the incredibly oppressive censorship regime and partisan media behaviour has commenced as fair dinkum journalists react to what the Coalition has done to democratic practices throughout Australia.

    "... After last year’s federal leadership spill, the newly anointed prime minister, Scott Morrison, wasted no time asserting his deeply conservative convictions. After a hand-wringing “report” in The Daily Telegraph about training teachers how to respond to the rise in trans-identifying children in schools, the prime minister tweeted, “We do not need ‘gender whisperers’ in our schools. Let kids be kids.”

    I was just one of many who reacted with anger. …"

    "... I wasn’t surprised to be contacted by my then boss. But even I hadn’t realised the depths to which a once proudly independent news organisations had sunk in its attempts to appeal to the right wing. The day after I posted my tweet, I was told a memo had recently been circulated around the offices of Fairfax directing staff to, among other things, “respect the office of the Prime Minister”. …"

    My very rare and special congratulations to Bill Shorten for denying the reported 'open invitation' by Rupert Murdoch to meet with him behind closed doors. Hopefully that represents a resolve by Labor to say "NO!" to a man whose media empire brazenly corrupts Australian politics as it pays next to $NO $Tax on earnings of $Billions each and every year in this country:

    "Big firms including News Corp, Exxon and Chevron paid no tax in 2016, Tax Office says"

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