the debate. kerry slams bush.

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    A welcome, first, to the ASIO agents, CIA agents, and other associated detritus that are monitoring these boards in the interests of 'national security'.
    To the rest of the vegetable kingdom, I say, peace! It ain't to late to turn back towards humanity! Even if you have the intellect of a potatoe (sic - notice the spelling that of a certain former US vice president in front of a televised press op with school children where he repeatedly told them this was the way you 'spelt it', despite their protestations. Appears even 6 year olds know that conservative leaders are spuds)
    Kerry vs Bush debate: It is clear that John Kerry mopped the floor with George Bush, and if this outcome is repeated in the next two debates, Kerry will gain significant ground on the indolent incumbent and hopefully overcome the antagonism created against him by the ultra conservative American media to wrest the presidency from the most unpresidential President since Charles Manson was voted grade 4 president in his primary school. (Manson closely shaves it)
    Bush was shown to be the stutteringly stupid poltroon he actually is: probably genetic as his father apart from being a former American president, was also in charge of the CIA for many years. There were no sound bites or catch phrases that saved the President's bacon this time. Kerry was intelligent, had a great command of the facts, and verbally flayed the president on an issue that was supposedly Bush's strong point.
    Forget Howard Latham. Bush Kerry is the big election this year. Four more years of Bush will stuff the world economy, and there are scarce few traders on hotcopper who financially would survive it.
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