The debate, for me, is over....

  1. Yak
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    Re Israel and the Palistinians

    Simply put, there will be no accord between myself and chinguitti, viper, fallguy, gaweb and that looney Irish on many of the corte issues in this tragedy.

    You have all made your points - some valid, some rabid.

    I'm sure you see some merit in my arguements but as well see an intransigence in me

    So be it.

    Fact is.. I'm tired of it all


    Unless I particularly see some sort of rabid anti-semitic vilification in a post - note I DID NOt say anti-Israel -
    I'm out of the debate.

    Frankly...its a bit like a relationship (marriage) gone bad...all ya do is repeat yourself.....

    Snooker - you can perservere if ya want and good luck.

    If ya need support chaver, feel free to email me as we have in the past.

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