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the deal is done

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    The deal is finally done and ece have 10.0 mil in the kitty for further resource drilling.
    Further announcements will now follow which should give the sp a significant lift up.
    viz. 1. Vas will move on to his next project possibly BRO
    2. New directors will be announced with world class iron experience
    3.Approval to drill will be obtained in about 2 months time
    4.New Industry partners will be brought on board
    5.Further alliances /deals for infrastructure access will be struck allowing ECE to get its iron ore to market.
    6. Further acquisitions will be made that will propel ece in to the major league of the Iron Ore Mining Industry.

    This will all happen over the next 12 months IMO.
    I do not intend to sell my shares till year end when I suspect the the ece sp will be closer to $1.00.

    DYOR All the above can be gleaned from the various public announcements over the past 2 years and other forums.
    Good luck to all don't be in a hurry to sell this one.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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