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    Hi Kfann,
    Having read your most recent post, I thought I might revisit some of your earlier posts since WPL appeared on the scene.

    Following today's announcements and your ensuing post, and then specifically referring to the above post: ..Where, in your mind, is this "game of thrones" heading?? (if any at all?).. Target level 1,2 or 3? (my thinking is that you're leaning towards target 2 as a type of "final outcome" after all wheeling and dealing is done? (but not sure).. As we know, with CNE standing aside, FAR would have to take the full 35% which, coincidently, includes the "option" to take "Operatorship".

    Further to the above and referencing your comment on the aspect of "Operatorship" being a no-no for FAR , in your most recent post(which I understand and agree with), what then is the likelihood that Big Oil (other than WPL) will still be interested... if being mindful that FAR chose to pursue Priv Equity and existing Sophs and Instos.... If the PE/Sophs/Instos route is followed ( and locked in), does that then necessarily entail an eventual "invite" to WPL to come back into the room and talk %ages with FAR... and Big Oil not entering the fray?

    I'm aware this is a big ask, but looking back at your post dd 19/8/2016, headed, "Negotiations" , to what extent will your views have changed ( or perhaps crystalised) from the views expressed in that post?

    Your thoughts/views are much appreciated.
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