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tuts.why don't you add some value to this forum.all you do...

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    why don't you add some value to this forum.
    all you do is bag people all the time.
    so what if crypto wants to express his positive attitude to this stock.
    it is his/her choice and I for one appreciate his detailed commentary.
    FGF will be successful, Mark my words.
    yes I own and of course I want the share price to go up.
    who holds a stock and wants it to go down unless you are shifting a stock.
    geez ....
    let's look at this stock in 12 months time and then we can all make an educated opinion on whether management have got this right.

    I for one am very positive on Anoosh's stewardship and I think he has an agenda to really turnaround this stock to greater things in the future.
    I think he knows he owes shareholders this.
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