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the cvi countdown is running..........

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    The CVI Countdown is running…..

    It is March and time for big news….

    When the deal / deals have finally become concrete, the CVI rocket can start and bring Cityview, what it deserves:

    a complete revaluation of this undervalued stock!

    In the German CVI thread there seems to be a calm before the storm. With most of the writings these shortsellers and short term traders tried to shake out potential Investors.
    At the end I gave up to reply because they were very persistent and kept on repeating the same "Down" mantras and my positive PRO on CVI seemed to be all in vain.

    Since two days, the negative mood and contributions have stopped and there is silence except me, who said thank you for the seller on Thursday of 30k of CVI shares.

    Congratulation for those with patience and confidence in the skill of MS and team what they have already achieved and possible near future success and

    who were not listening too much to ohters!

    Good luck to all shareholders and those who will become holders.

    Let us keep our thumbs up for the CEO and for a successful future and a continuously growing of the multiple assets of Cityview.

    Regards from Germany


    Here is a nice story, which somehow fits to the current market sentiment and also to some of the warning negative voices on HC, of critical writers and doubters on in the potential and future of CVI.

    Enjoy reading ...

    The fable of the frogs ...

    One day the frogs decided, to organize a running race. To make it very difficult they fixed a target to get on the highest point on a high tower.
    On the day of the race, many other frogs came together to watch.

    Then, finally - the race began. Now, it happened, that none of the spectators frogs really believed that not even one of the participating frogs actually could achieve the goal. Instead of motivating the runners, they called , "Oh dear, the poor! They will never make it!” Or "That's impossible! "Or" You never will succeed!"

    And really, it seemed as if the audience was right, because gradually there were more and more frogs, who gave up. The audience screamed continued, "Oh, the poor! You will never make it! "And really soon all frogs gave up - all, except one, who indefatigable climbed up the steep tower - and he was the only one who reached the goal.

    The frog audience were completely puzzled, and all wanted to know from him, how that was possible.

    One of the other participants frogs approached him to ask how he could have done it, to win the race . And only then, they realized that this frog was deaf!

    Somehow this also fits to the current panic on the stock markets….or?

    Originally in German / I improved the translation

    Link for automatic tranlation:
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