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    One of the areas in the stock market where you can make good money is turnaround companies.You need to do your homework as it is high risk for high reward.Good recent examples include AMA and QTG and others that I am following include PPX and SYM.
    For HST I have had a look at the current fundamentals as follows.
    Market Cap $48 Million
    Shares on issue 137.3 Million
    Net Assets $234 Million ($1.70 per Share)
    Net Assets excluding Goodwill/Intangibles -$62 Million (-0.45 c per share)
    Second Half EBIT is forecast to be $28 Million however they indicate a estimate of $14 million restructure cost to come against this.
    Appointment of Bill Wild who has cleaned the decks.He also purchased $100K of shares at $1.02.
    Substantial holder IOOF increased by 1% in Jan 12

    All in all it is one to keep an eye on at this stage as it probably won't move up too much until they start producing a profit.Also need to keep an eye on the next bank test date 15/11/12.

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Currently unlisted public company.

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