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the curious incident of mrcoa in the last hour.

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    The curious incident of MRCOA in the last hour.

    MRCOA had a price spike Friday 26/3/04. Curiously most of it was in the last hour and twenty minutes (the solid buying began at 14:40.

    I had begun to abandon hope on my MRCOA holding over the last month. My last buys were at 1.4c so bringing my average down to 2.9c. MRCOA had been consistently showing a loss of 50% for me. In frustration and a while back, I had put in staged sales at 24c (a loss making sale) and then 30c (a break even sale). These went through on Thusday (24c) and Friday = 26 March (30c) respectively.

    So my MRCOA exposure is now reduced by 60% with only a $500 loss. Now hope is temporarily restored. It looks to me like I might get 5c for MRCOA on Monday and so make a profit. If so, all will be forgiven on MRCOA. If things continue to look strong for MRCOA Monday morning, I will look to hold back about 40,000 MRCOA and see if I might get 7c in a week or so. If this also happens I'll be up $2,000 on my MRCOA experience. Here are my MRCOA trades so far.

    9/12/2003 Buy MRCOA 20000 0.083 19.95 1679.95
    7/01/2004 Buy MRCOA 20000 0.071 19.95 1439.95
    30/01/2004Buy MRCOA 60000 0.028 19.95 1699.95
    15/03/2004Buy MRCOA 100000 0.014 19.95 1419.95
    17/03/2004Sell MRCOA 20000 0.02 19.95 380.05
    19/03/2004Buy MRCOA 22500 0.014 19.95 334.95
    25/03/2004Sell MRCOA 63035 0.024 0 1512.84
    26/03/2004Sell MRCOA 50000 0.03 0 1500
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