The criminals of the world do no get a mention ...

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    As in the Northern Ireland fighting that stretched over 70 years,the criminal element was involved from the very beginning.We hear very little of their involvement until the violence dies down and they turn to bank robbery,drug running and protection rackets.If there had not been some cause to get involved in they would have turned to these criminal activities anyway.So it is now in the conflicts confronting us;it could be said that the momentum is kept up by these elements who see it as their career.It is difficult to separate these people from the religious fanatics,but it is certain that each has a use for the other.The Palestinians and Israelis would have their fair share on each side and the various muslim factions would also be made up of some criminals.We can't leave out America either going back to prohibition and up to the present day,criminals played their part.I would suggest that it is time to start naming people and groups as criminals rather than give them the more respectable title of terrorists......that may seem contradictory but I hope you see what I am getting at.The criminals are breaking the laws of their own country not for some good cause but for personal gain.They are the ones to be hunted down.
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