The Creek - bad news again

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    After decades off the radar
    Tennant Creek keeps making the news
    for all the wrong reasons.

    The former mining town
    think the huge Warrego deposit a few Ks to the NW of town
    (the turn off is near the reservoir)

    Not easy country to prospect.
    Spinifex is a sign that even the grass is sharp and spiky.

    Even in 40C it is wise to have heavy boots and thick canvass/jeans pants.
    I lived there in 2001.
    At the remains of the Austral Mine,
    the shaker table was still there in the bush (no roads)
    the tracks were all overgrown.
    Found the mine by GPS.
    Had to walk in, Toyota would have taken days.

    But did scoop up 2.5 oz gold among the ilmenite.
    Left there as the owner stepped on to a prop plane to retire in Tassie.
    He used to get his gold refined from concentrate at the Warrego
    operation; owners closed Warrego - he was on next plane.
    Even backhoes, generators and gold room abandoned.
    Tyres stuffed, diesel generator started first rip of wheel.
    Far as I know still there.
    I went prospecting at Kurundi Station south, by the creek
    (owned by Treasure family)

    There are Aboriginal camps there, one north of Epenarra.
    One day as crossing creek, bloke and missus in car in middle of creek.
    Water not deep (below knees) but some of the rocks in the creek
    were bigger than kero tins. No good for Commodores.

    He said pull me out - OK
    Where do yo want to go.
    In the shade of that tree over there. OK.

    Went down to Whistleduck Flats, prospecting, and came back four hours later for a beer at my tent camp site.

    Of course the sun had moved.
    Bloke and missus in blazing NT sun.

    But the bad things that happened then, still happen today in Tennant.

    Northern Territory Police have charged a 19-year-old man over an alleged failed child abduction in the community of Tennant Creek.

    Key points:

    • Police say the girl was taken at about 12.30am last Sunday
    • The 19-year-old man will appear in Alice Springs Local Court in July
    • The girl is physically unhurt and support services have been called in to assist her and her family

    NT Police said that just after 12:30am on Sunday, the man allegedly took the 9-year-old girl from her home after he had been socialising at the residence earlier on Saturday evening.

    The child woke outside a nearby unit complex, and ran home after screaming at the man and alerting her family.

    The child's family then called police after finding the girl physically unhurt.

    The man was later arrested and has been charged with abduction of a child under 16 years and trespass on enclosed premises.

    Detectives from Tennant Creek Investigation Unit are calling for any witnesses to come forward.

    He will appear in Alice Springs Local Court in July.

    A problem is education.
    They seem to be me, me, me.

    In Melbourne, the disease is the same
    no care for welfare of others.

    If I want something OK to steal.
    Free drug injecting rooms.

    No pie eating room.
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