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    Jim was finally about to be employed at the local council, and was happy to be accepted for a nice cushy role in a team full of blokes.

    At the end of the interview - he broke some somewhat embarassing news to his new manager... "you see the thing is ... umm... - i'm sure it's not a problem - but I don't have any balls. I lost them both as a young fella in a random accident". "that's ok" - responded the manager "we can deal with that. I guess it's in your best interests to not tell the rest of the boys though, they might give you a bit of stick about it". "fine" answered Jim, "i'd prefer it was a secret anyways, and it shouldn't affect my work in any manner".

    The manager continued to close out the interview, and as he got up to shake Jim's hand he added : "So, a start on Monday works for you"?... "That's great! what time should I come in?" Jim answered.

    "well, the fellas start at 8.30 and leave at 4.30, but in your case I think it's best you came in at 9am and left at 5". Jim was a bit upset by this, feeling he was missing the start of the day in the office, so he queried "why is it that I have to start later and finish later than the rest of the team?!" "well" the manager replied "the fellas spend the first 30 mins of every day sitting around scratching their balls".
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