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True. And either you believe in the inevitability of wide RAT...

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    True. And either you believe in the inevitability of wide RAT use or you don't.

    The TGA is a hurdle but it's one that ADO has long known about. Which it should have planned for.

    ADO just didn't believe in itself enough to push through knowing the inevitability of RAT.

    Or it had constraints from elsewhere.

    You only can possibly get the truth from the company after a lot of unwelcome digging and then usually it's too late.

    Overall the calibre of Derek T is impressive. It's just that going the extra distance was needed.

    I've read the ABC article and while it fills some gaps the company should have known that the virus was going to become endemic at some point. It's what epidemiologists have been saying. Strategic planning? It's really tough.

    But ADO blinked. It wanted assurances that the federal government wouldn't give them. The government waited too long to shut the borders in 2020 it's been reactive historically. It only embraced lockdowns because Victoria and other states were doing it.

    So given that the feds were slow, and resist the inevitable, that is not a reason to assume they can continue to resist the inevitable. They can't.
    Another example is climate change. Which has even more dire consequences.

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