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The Colder War - Marin Katusa

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    Having a subscription to Casey Research's various daily notes I have been aware of this book for a while but dismissed it as being a rehash of stuff I already knew from various other research sources. I have previously read a Doug Casey book and was singularly unimpressed - it was a toss fest of how great he was ... didn't even finish it.

    However, last week I watched an interview between the author, Marin Katusa, and Grant Williams on Real Vision TV:

    (This is also well worth subscribing to).

    I was really impressed with the interviewee and as a result bought his book on Amazon ($16):


    Having recently slogged through Richard Koo's "Balance Sheet Recessions" where he took about 10 x as much page space as required to get his points across I wasn't anticipating much here.

    I was surprised at the quality of the writing and the content. For me it explained the strategies of the various players in the "Great Game" and put meaning behind many of the geo-political events that have recently been occurring and a likely route that future developments will take.

    For those interested in gold I believe this will be a very worth while addition to your library.

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