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    Your taxes at work in that most noble quest of defending 'creative' child rapists and rapists in general.
    Shut it down , and get your hands out of my pocket .

    Call for ABC to dump Ellis over rape diatribe on The Drum

    Caroline Overington
    From: The Australian
    July 06, 2011 9:50AM

    ABC boss Mark Scott is under immense pressure to clean up the taxpayer-funded website The Drum after it published a piece suggesting women cried rape to "bring down left-leaning artists and politicians" while lamenting the imprisonment of small-l liberal pedophiles who might have a contribution to make to the arts.

    The rant, by Labor speechwriter Bob Ellis, compared the effects of pedophilia to that of schoolyard bullying.

    Federal MP Kate Ellis, whose ministerial responsibilities include the status of women, was first among many outraged readers to take to Twitter to lambast the piece, saying: "Oh, dear. I wish I hadn't read Bob Ellis' piece this morning." Former ABC journalist Dana Robertson, who is now with the Department of Foreign Affairs in Canberra, called on Scott and The Drum's editor, Jonathan Green, to sack Ellis, who is believed to be paid $200 for such contributions.

    Ellis named several historical figures, including Shakespeare, he thought might be pedophiles, and said it would have been a shame if their desire to have sex with children had eventually stopped them from working.

    He named other men accused of sexual harassment, including filmmaker Roman Polanski (who was accused of child rape), saying the "tactic" of having women accuse them of assault in order to silence them "works very well".

    On another tack, he wrote about "the left-leaning computer snoop Julian Assange", whom The Australian does not suggest is a paedophile, saying he had been "framed" and questioned whether he would have to go to jail because "he attempted sex with a drowsy woman he was in bed with, and had had consensual sex with, eight hours before".

    "Who would be helped by this?" Ellis said. "Why are deeds long common at office Christmas parties used by women to ruin good men's careers? Why are left-wing harassers smashed? The question must be asked: 'Has wowser-feminism gone too far'.

    "For, if we look back a bit, we will see, I think, that the socialist Oscar Wilde, accused of pederasty, rightly, wrote no more plays.

    "The Jewish ex-communist Roman Polanski, accused of pederasty, correctly, made no more Hollywood films, and despite his evident genius was blocked, harassed and menaced for 35 years . . . It is not fair."

    Historian and foreign policy analyst at the Lowy Institute in Sydney, Michael Fullilove, described parts of yesterday's article by Ellis as odious, singling out his suggestion that "pederasty can damage a child as much or even more than school bullying".

    "That is an odious analogy," he said. Writer John Birmingham, in a response written for The National Times website, said: "Sometimes somebody is so wrong, so foolishly, cluelessly, stick-a-fork-in-my-eyeballs-because-the-stupid-is-burning-them-like-molten-copper wrong, that you hardly know where to begin the tear-down. This is the impasse I find myself in, contemplating Bob Ellis's stirring defence of left-wing dicks."

    Editor of The Drum Green did not respond to calls. An ABC spokesperson said: "The ABC believes The Drum is a place for provocative debate, with many opinions aired. This piece has clearly done just that."

    The Australian was yesterday unable to reach Ellis for comment.
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