The CEO of the St George and me

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    G'day folks,

    Now relax folks me and Gail and are not having an affair. Gail Kelly, as you astute people will know, is the M.D. and C.E.O. of the St. George Bank. But..... Gail and I were spotted in a restaurant on friday night....well we were not really together, I was dining and Gail popped in to pick up a take away - maybe her salary doesn't stretch to dining in, a position which should please St. George shareholders. All I can say is if Gail gets her take aways this particular restaruant she obviously likes good Thai food.

    Well what did I think of Gail? To say she was 'power dressed' would probably be an accurate description. She was wearing a royal blue suit (skirt not trousers) that jumped out at you - a bit like the colour Magie Thatcher was fond of wearing. Not too bad perhaps but I did think the satin effect shoes were a bit over the top. She was trim and, this might do her an injustice, she looked as hard as nails - again something that might please St. George Shareholders.

    Gail, is of course, a family lady and no doubt had just popped in to pick up a take away on the way home from a busy day behind the till. Being a native of South Africa I suspect she lives in a suburb well known for citizens of that origin were biltong is commonplace in the delis.

    Right folks now is the time for you to fess up to the most well known person you have spent a little time with. Mine would be Oliver Reed with whom I once spent a couple of hours, including a time at his local pub (The Cricketers I recall) for a couple of pints. That should be easy to beat so come on now....

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