The CCP did this to the world ,why ?.

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    oh, right

    and, the objective would be???

    arrrh --------------- to crash Melbourne house prices so that MORE chinese can move into box hill and buy up cheap aussie properties from unemployed aussies

    to kill hundreds of thousands of americans because they know there's an idiot in charge

    because they just want to sell less to foreign places - so, they want to bump off customers - and, during lockdowns - sell less chinese crap by people going to $1 stores

    yes, it's a communist plot

    of course as you say - it takes a person who has done 'extensive' research to work all that out
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    It doesn't have to be a conspiracy when basic incompetence is a perfectly good explanation.

    The CCP rewards those who have the right party contacts and good social credit rather than merit.

    CCP operate a virus research lab in Wuhan.

    They bungled the initial response, failed to isolate the city and then delayed the release of information..... I dont think it was planned. Its just a socialist system of government where people lacking merit run the place and never admit fault. Dan Andrews would fit right in.

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