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    For a person who's been posting for all of three weeks, perhaps I can offer you a little advice the4ls.

    A post such as yours, highlighted in capitols, with everything but bells and whistles will convince nobody. Here it's known as a blatant ramp. In the old days of rising markets, these things were sometimes successful. These days, when many have been burned by the market, I suggest you save yourself both the energy and embarrassment. In this environment, the more bells and whistles on a post, the more it's treated with suspicion and contempt.

    The holders have all read the story, 1000 times over.
    The non holders are mainly traders or ones who will take one look at your glossy persentation and either shake their heads sadly, or burst out laughing.

    "Traders are selfish investors who are preying on less informed shareholders, in some cases convincing them to sell through miss-information and chartist claptrap."

    If making money is selfish then traders will raise their hands as "guilty"

    Why did you buy shares 6 years ago...to lose money, or because you simply like making donations to a wonderful cause?

    At the moment, those selfish traders are winning hands down!

    Another thing I should perhaps point out.
    A forum like HotCopper is minescule in a stock traded as much as HDR. Ramps and downramps here have absolutely NO influence on the market, so take a day off and save yourself some embarrassment. There have been thousands of posts singing the Hardman and Ted song buddy, everyone here has read the good story hundreds of times.

    A blatent ramp suck as yours may draw the attention of a couple here if the stock was previously unknown. HDR is the most ramped up stock on HC, and really....where what has that done to help the share price?

    Get my drift?

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Currently unlisted public company.

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