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    For me its a comprehensive positive. I cant see the SP doing anything based on the announcements themselves, but theres nothing suggested to get worried about and for once im feeling slightly comfortable with a stock im down on.

    Mexico was good to have an announcement on, but i did make mention about how deals may have been subject to FDA approval. I know Mexico didnt require FDA and still wont, but the company has come out themselves and said that Mexico was seeknig assurances. Small problem is how can the FDA give assurances seeing as they have already kncoked back FDA approval. Obviously this is cleared by SBN saying they are working to "provide a level of comfort" regarding their product. Cant see how this will fail, if our product does in fact stand up in the trials. So although short, it was clear, concise and provides room to move in any direction.

    15 cities trialing for China... how is this not massive!

    Surprised there wasnt more talk on that point.

    FDA being delayed to 2009 i actually see as a positive as well. Again provided they stick to this. Atleast they are not rushing, and are thinking of seeing how trials go and take it from there. 1 more year of trials and deals and the proof will be there for FDA. By that time CHina should be moving nicely, Mexico may be up and running...this would hopefully be a running contract as they wont do drugs tests for just 1 year. FDA would be icing and allow us to further pentrate markets.

    In terms of SP well it may stay sub 3 cents for a few months, but if anything from Mexico comes forward then this should go beyond 5 cents again and consolidate before any other positive news.

    The potential raising has some concerns, but as long as it is timed well and with purpose this could provide a base of which to spring off.... hopefully beyond current prices and the 4.3 cents recently.

    This is definately a long term play now but with multi bagger opportunities. Im definately happier, and despite all the posts over last week or so the company had to say somethnig on Mexico, GSW picture is a beauty also.

    Now if they could show him holding 500,000 instruments all will be smiling!
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