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    I'm having the day off today and decided to open up a bottle of white wine (no trades for me today, lol) and I've been charting AQD.

    I'm on my second glass and really am fascinated at how good AQD looks on the chart. It may be that I'm just looking at it positively (I've been guilty of that before), or the wine has kicked in, but it really does look good IMO.

    Recently (over the last year and half) I haven't been trading that much, compared to previously, but my charting use to be pretty accurate, better than my speling anyhow, lol (Rebel).

    A book I studied once (Wormald Trends and Tripwire) which bought to my attention how at the end of a triangle chart, there is usually an announcement which sets the stock off in a positive again. This really is amazing when looked at over a time line with most stocks. It's a lot easier to look at the past and say "there it is", than try and predict the future though. Anyhow, even acknowledging that charting is harder to predict the future than understanding the past, I'd say based on the current indicators with AQD (not triangle charting), we may get an announcement soon which could cause the stock to head North again.

    Triangle charting is really scary with AQD, cause if my current triangle is correct than were in the dollar area soon. Triangle charting is based on 3 ups and 3 low and an overall 3 x 3 x 3 overall x 3 runs. Using the trend lines as a guide for ups and down, I'd have to say that were at the start of the 2nd run, if this is correct than the next one could hit $1.00+ which would make the 3rd massive.

    Honestly, for this to happen, I expect something really big to be announced soon. My thought, as you know is that Passport are buying shares for mining company that's interested in Manganese, there obviously getting Passport to buy them because it wont increase the price as much if they were buying them, themselves. Which makes me wonder if it's one of the two competing for Consolidate mining Manganese?

    Manganese seems to be the current strength atm, so I'm sticking with my speculations based on Manganese. I also expect Passport to release a further annoucement soon saying that they have bought further shares.

    3rd glass now, enjoy your day.

    I'm off to Milawa tomorrow, got a mate who's a pilot and got his own plane. Will fly from Melbourne and hit the Winerys and cheese factories. Hope you all have a great weekend, IMO will all be rich next week, or the week after.


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