EMS 0.00% 3.2¢ eastland medical systems ltd

& the bulls#*$ continues

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    I have been in this company that long now I cant even remember. Maybe 6 years now of bullshit & empty promises from retractable needles to Malaria drugs. I have been paying these jokers wages for more than 6 years for their bullshit. I have recieved nothing in more than 6 years but a worthless share & continuous capital raising.

    Good onya EMS You have proven to us all how good you are.

    I must say in 6 years I have recieved that much paperwork for capital raising. Or another bullshit story on whats to come. If you saved on the booklets & stories maybe our share price could have been 3c lol.

    But dont worry. Take your time management. Whilst every other Malaria Vacination or cure will be already in the market & on the shelves. You will still be scratching your head, capital raising, doing trials & spruking nonsense.
    What a joke...........
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