The Bull is History, what will happen next

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    The Bull is History, what will happen next, will we let ourselves be attacked again or will we take control of our own mess?
    I am skeptical to go short to much until the fall, but the VIX says that our low put in place last week was in fact a false bottom regardless of all the swing traders bells and whistles. they may in fact be the people that left the brokerage houses thinking that the status QUO would work for them like it did while at the trading desks during the crash of the NASDAQ and other indexes. instead of a big surprise, like defrauding millions out of trillions of dollars. if that is the case, they will take there profits and step aside.

    When the real estate bubble starts to burst later this summer, early fall and there credit gets used up, their houses worth less than they owe. credit card companies already starting to tighten up on lending practices will likely start to raise rates again to 20 percent for the people able to pay for the ones that can't pay.

    What is keeping the market up currently is the people retired that still work that have not had to take any money out of the markets. I am sure that an interesting study is due out any day that gives us a clear indication of how many people will come of retirement that need the markets to survive.

    We can see that the next great move by the FED would be to allow tax relief for people wanting to retire early, especially with all the Medicare cutbacks coming.

    Really like the idea of buying the 03 silver options on futures.

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