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I first posted this on tradingview at the start of last month,...

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    I first posted this on tradingview at the start of last month, saying that the exponential growth was collapsing from lack of demand, not with supply overrunning demand as in previous busts, @daveironore posted a chart back in February that should've been the end but money continued to FOMO in. It's a similar picture for the NASDAQ but the bubble is slightly less extreme.
    As the bubbles collapse, it should be quite secular (Tesla is showing similar declining volume and shortening of the the thrust/price decay, SPACS are already unwinding - pricewise) any effect on the SPI/DJI and the quality elements of the NASDAQ should be shortlived..

    Why do I think it will be secular? Volumes peaked back in January - the smart money exited back then, booking it's profits.

    The Fed may also already recognise this, which is why you have Powel saying no rise in rates, but Kaplan (who doesn't get to vote in the FOMC - and therefore can't officially scare the markets) is saying we may have to raise rates earlier, so they're jawboning the market.
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