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    @VVX565 decided to take my 5% gain on TNE. i still regard this market volatile and the DOW is now up against resistance following it recent gains.

    so reason 1) I'm looking at the DOW chart to decide.
    reason 2) in this market i'm content with 5% in 2 days (annualise that, lol!)
    3) i'm strictly short term at the moment, whilst market still risky.

    so, on to your second question...........

    from thanky............."I'm looking at TNE for a short here. Significant insider sales recently. High-end of PE range and UK expansion. They say opportunity I say risk as Australian companies mainly fail international expansion plus brexit? "

    your reply............ " Interesting, thank you Thanky.......lol that looked weird didn't it,, thank you and Thanky together

    @64eheh,what's your take.................

    Answer .................Ask yourself this> What is a chart? My answer, is a chart is a record of price paid by the market for a stock. That price is an agreement between a buyer and seller as to the value of that stock. But it is NOT one buyer or one seller, but many, many buyers and sellers. In the case of TNE it most probably consists of dozens of analysts, hundreds, if not thousands of investors over a period of many, many years.

    So, the price and hence the chart is a CONSENSUS of views from many. So, think about this, what would you do, follow the concensus views of many,as in the chart, or, as in your question, the view of one, namely our good buddy Thanky.

    I know what I do. Like you, I follow the chart, and besides, what worth is yet one more view worth. plenty of views, but it's the money down that counts. That is what the chart shows.

    I'll get back to you on your first question later. thanks.

    Oh! and by the way, this thread is open to anyone wanting to discuss trading/investing, if you go back and look at the brain's trust, each year it has been renewed by Jako, except last yyear fro some reason it wasn't. So I renewd it. But having said that i like my little spot here, it forces me to be accurate.
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