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the boys are back in town

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    Hi all
    Well I've got to say most of you have more theories than a good Agatha Christie novel. Kelly girl's had theories from 40c upwards, now it's nicely nestled in the 80s the theories will still keep rolling on all the way to 4 bucks.

    As a disciple of Mistybay, who first introduced you to this stock, I'm telling you now, it's definitely early days yet. Why? Well struth. Different strains of hepatitis are endemic in different continents be it A C or E so we probably have multiple deals on our hands and that's just relating to test kits. We haven't even weighed up the pros and cons of vaccines which could be sold in the billions worldwide.

    What I'm really trying to say is this is BIG. An Australian institute has cracked it big and there are all sorts of manipulators out there trying to cap the price so they can pick up a free feed. I nearly died when I read that Pillman took profits to buy a sideboard. You've got to be kidding - a bloody sideboard and a night on the town. I know what he is doing in taking profits. I've been around a tad but to sell when it's entering the possible multiple announcements is beyond comprehension. That sideboard's going to look bloody dear when SLT is in the 4s.

    I know a few of you took Misty's advice and others followed it along. You can call me a ramping sparrow or whatever you bloody well like because as I said before I really don't care. From the onset I've only tried to pass on my knowledge on these stocks and if only 50% of what I say is correct we are all in the dough.

    Before I close, a special hi to one fat lady. You're for me over Kelly any day. I was so happy when you acknowledged a couple of weeks ago that you got in to PBI after my post. They've stated publicly that they're fast-tracking negotiations to a commercial deal. Well they must be getting close because the volumes are building and the boys are back in town. If I was a fly on the wall looking over the negotiating table and PBI's sleep apnoea products were as good as announced, then I'd be conducting a Dutch auction amongst the movers in this field, just rattling the cage and shaking the tree to get the best outcome.

    In an earlier post from Billy, my SLT train mate says one dollar. Well I'll ratify that. That's a good call but I'd say a wee bit on the conservative side from where I see it.
    By the way, did anybody hear any news on GAM. Wasn't it in pre-open. Something's happening there and I'm watching closely. Give us a hand.

    Misty once told me you don't know how deep a pond is until you can see the bottom and you dont know how high a mountain is until you can see the top. It's all just so much like the market isn't it, so it's got me absolutely buggered how all the armchair experts can be giving SLT advice when they can see neither. The market cap is the clue.

    Cloud of Sparrows
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