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The Blowies have turned to Maggots

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    Well fellow investors, it's that time again, we've been here before and here we go again with our beloved orp's making an asx annoucement stating that they will know whether they will have the permit by mid August and here we are at the end of the month with no permit which means no company. Please refer to the annual report where it states quite clearly that orp's mining permit (if it ever gets one) expires in January 2003. Guess what? the options expire in December 2002 and what are the chances of this being excised? (squat didley).

    To top it all off, India is suffering from one of the worst monsoon seasons in decades which means that orp's even with a permit today can do nothing. (The machinery has probably been washed away along with my money, thank's for nothing)

    Did anyone else participate in the successful SPP?

    These directors are human sponges.

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