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    Yesterday, 11 Iranian solders crossed the Iraq border and captured the Fakkah Oil Field. They raised the Iranian flag.Iraq is trying the diplomatic approach to solving the incursion.Best of luck. Alarm bells are ringing.
    Of further interest, the US ambassador, Bolton on public media has stated the Russians are mulling over the sale of there S333 (not sure if model no is correct) ground to air missile to Iran which can shoot down most aircraft (including bombers). Only stealth aircraft are immune.
    Israel has no stealth bombers. Time is running out for Israel.
    MY OPINION. Iraq with the urging of the US has tendered in the past 4 months oil fields to Shell, BP, Exxon, CPPC (China), ENI (Italy), Total (France) and a number of other western countries.
    These companies have one urgent aim. Develop asap the fields and increase production and capacity. This will be a big problem for OPEC and may put a future cap on oil prices, much to the delight of western governments. The war in Iraq was always been a play on oil.
    Will other players sit idle and allow this to happen? I don't think so.
    Whats in it for Iran? Iraq is predominately Shiite. Iran is Shiite.
    Control Iraq, you have a big influence on oil prices which means, money, money, money.
    Control Iraq, you are the undisputed leader of the Shiite muslim world. Power, power and more power.
    Nuclear capability. It's a deterrent and a potent dangerous one.
    This puts Russia in a unique position.
    The game of oil may be enterimg a critical phase.
    The new buzz word for 2010 may be energy security. Gas and oil futures will head sharpely up if there is escalating tensions in the Middle East.
    What has this got to do with ETE. Well, ETE has reserves in the stable USA and I expect a significant increase in reserves in 2010 with further drilling. ETE has some outstanding oil real estate and supply security. Natural Gas is the bridging fuel to the future. I am changing my price target for ETE from $1.50 to $2.00 We have a tiger by the tail.
    Come January 2010 all this manipulation of the share price will be long gone.
    Good luck to all and to all, RIDE THE TIGER.

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