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the biggest threat to world peace

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    The great lie propagated by Muslim spokesmen is that Islam is a peaceful religion. This could not be further from the truth. Of all the major religions of the world, Islam is the only one that promotes or condones the denigration and subjugation of women, severe physical mutilation or death for even minor offences, mutilation of women's genitals for no logical reason and many other unsavoury and barbaric practices that have no place in any civilised society.

    Muslims claim to be tolerant of all people, however this is a blatant lie. Apart from secular Turkey, there are virtually no countries that are predominantly Muslim, where other religions are allowed to freely coexist. In most of these countries, the practice of other religions is either illegal or highly suppressed. These nations are amazingly hypocritical, demanding that the practice of Islam be freely allowed in all non-Islamic countries, yet preventing the practice of other religions in their own nations.

    It is also very apparent that certain elements of the Islamic faith are hell-bent on dominating and usurping the areas in which they have settled, in total disregard to the sovereignty of those places and the feelings or wishes of the populations. The worst aspect of this action is that these groups seem to have no regard or respect for human life in their pursuit of their ambitions.

    There are constant reports of insurrections and revolutions by Islamic separatist movements all over the world. The crisis in Kosovo was caused by Islamic terrorists wishing to control what was and still is legally a part of Yugoslavia. Not content with literally forcing the annexing of Kosovo with the connivance of NATO, Albanian Islamic terrorists are also attacking Macedonia, trying to take control of parts of its sovereign territory because of claims that ethnic Albanians live there. Currently there are Islamic insurrections occurring in the Indian state of Kashmir, the Indonesian province of Aceh, in the Philippines, Nigeria, Egypt, Israel, Morocco and many other places.

    It is blatantly self-evident that wherever Islamic fanatics operate, there is carnage, death and destruction. Apart from Kosovo, the burning and complete desecration of the major cities of East Timor, the killing of innocent tourists in Algeria and Egypt, the massacre of people of other religions in Aceh and Nigeria, the kidnapping and murder of innocent hostages by the Abu Sayyaf Islamic separatists in the Philippines are stark proof that human compassion and mercy are not in the lexicon of these groups.

    There seems to be a common modus operandi in the way some Islamic groups set about their quest to take over territory. They often start by demanding the right to follow their religion without hindrance, which is generally accepted in most parts of the world. They then populate the areas with Muslims, usually still not a problem in most places.

    Once they have the numbers, the fundamentalists then demand the imposition of draconian Sharia law, which is quite repugnant to most people of democratic persuasion, even many Muslims. Then they demand political autonomy or even complete secession from the host country. If, unsurprisingly this is rejected, they form terrorist armies or militias such as in Kosovo, East Timor, Nigeria and the Philippines and they start insurrections, resulting in the murder of non-Islamic people and causing untold grief and destruction.

    This has been seen in the French city of Lyons, where large numbers of Muslims have settled. Now that they have the numbers, these people are now seeking a degree of autonomy from French law and have demanded that French police refrain from entering the so-called "Muslim" areas after 6pm each day and at no time on their holy days. Of course the French authorities have dismissed such demands out of hand, but it is really only a matter of time until the Muslim populace there grows to an extent where they totally control who represents them in government and then the face of traditional France will be irrevocably changed. Even worse, they may even mount an insurrection to achieve their goals.

    A very pointed example of this invasion by stealth was seen in Australia recently in the Sydney suburb of Auburn, which has a large Muslim population. Islamic community leader and Imam of the local mosque, Sheik Hilaly, demanded that a Muslim candidate be automatically given electoral preselection over his opponent in the Labor Party, rather than submit to the normal ballot process. Premier Bob Carr instantly rebuffed this demand, stating that preselection is a democratic process and is not decided upon ethnic or religious criteria. Sheik Hilaly was most indignant and indications are that there will be a Muslim based backlash against the ruling Labor Party in the next state election.

    This sort of Islamification is being attempted in many parts of the world where compassionate countries have granted safety and refuge to Muslims claiming to be refugees. Once established in these countries, the Muslims then attempt to impose their culture and religion onto the greater community, or even worse, demand autonomy and ultimately secession from their hosts. Kosovo and Macedonia are two prime examples where civil wars have erupted because of this. A group in England called Al-Muhajiroun which means "the emigrants" in Arabic, targets university campuses in search of recruits and urges the creation of an Islamic state in Britain.

    One of the most disturbing aspects of militant Islamism is the utter fanaticism of its adherents. This is graphically portrayed by the wanton destruction of all statues in Afghanistan by the ruling Taliban organisation, who claimed they were un-Islamic, therefore had to be eliminated. Totally ignoring pleas from all over the world to preserve these historic and unique artefacts, some dating back to the seventh century, the Taliban vandals systematically destroyed irreplaceable artworks because of their incredibly stupid and misguided religious zealotry.

    The utter repression practised by the Taliban was just mind-numbing. When the Taliban took control of Kabul in 1996, they imposed the most draconian and literal interpretation of Muslim Sharia law. Alcohol was strictly forbidden, as were most forms of entertainment, including movies and music. All statues and images were banned. Women were forbidden to work, girls were forbidden to attend school beyond the age of eight and men were forced to wear beards and pray in mosques. In fact women were forced to wear head to foot covering when in public and were not allowed out of their houses unless accompanied by a male. The death penalty was automatically imposed for murder, as was the amputation of limbs for theft. Merely the preaching of any religion other than Islam was strictly forbidden and was punishable by death and any Muslim converting to another religion, even voluntarily, faced the death penalty.

    Many Islamic groups are now demanding to impose a mild form of this barbarism in the countries that gave them refuge in the name of humanity. It is important to resist this concept, as any changes to the law or territorial sovereignty must be made with the free and willing consent of the population by democratic means, not by terrorism or coercion. If Islamic fundamentalists desire to live under Sharia law, there are a number of Islamic nations in the world where that can go. If they wish to reside among people of other religions, especially in secular sovereign nations, they do not have the right to demand that those people live under intolerable, repressive or extreme religious laws in a fundamentalist Islamic state.

    The worst in a long line of Islamic orchestrated atrocities occurred on the morning of Tuesday 11 September 2001 in New York, where a well coordinated attack using four hijacked passenger aircraft culminated in the destruction of the World Trade Center and partial damage to the Pentagon. The horrendous numbers of innocent people killed was eventually determined to be in excess of 3000. There can be no excuse made for the perpetrators of such a callous and murderous attack, which could only be described as an act of war. One interesting aspect was the constant denial by Osama bin Laden and the leader of the Taliban, Mullah Mohammed Omar and the demands for proof of bin Laden's complicity in the attacks. However in a videotape made in October 2001, bin Laden literally admitted to having masterminded and organised the attacks on the USA, so he condemned himself by his own words.

    After some weeks of unsuccessful attempts to persuade the Taliban regime in Afghanistan to stop harbouring Osama bin Laden, the mastermind of these atrocities and his al-Qaeda terrorist network and hand him over to the USA for trial, on 08 October 2001 the USA and its ally Great Britain responded by launching an attack on that country. With very little loss of life to the civilian Afghan population and almost no casualties for the US and British military, this short war resulted in the defeat of the Taliban and the installation of an interim government headed by Hamid Karzai, who has expressed his desire to transform Afghanistan into a tolerant and democratic country.

    On 12 October 2002, a number of bombs were planted and detonated by Islamic militants in the vicinity of the Sari Nightclub in Kuta, Bali. It resulted in many hundreds of fatalities, mostly Australians. The motives of the bombers were not apparent, however it is considered that Australians were the targets because of their support for East Timor's independence from predominantly Muslim Indonesia and for the USA's confrontation with Iraq. However this atrocity further demonstrates the callousness of these fanatics, who targeted and murdered innocent people who were merely trying to enjoy a vacation and had absolutely nothing to do with politics.

    After surveying the problems caused in so many countries by Muslim fanatics, the only conclusion that any sensible person could arrive at is that these lunatics have a completely different value on human life, as seen by the murderous acts of suicide bombers in Israel, who deliberately target innocent women and children and the Abu Sayyaf Muslim separatists in the Philippines, who kidnap and execute many innocent people merely to make a point.

    Therefore it is obvious that the Muslim fundamentalists cannot be treated in the same manner as those who subscribe to the sanctity of life. It is apparent that these murderous barbarians only understand one language and that is one of death and destruction, therefore it is incumbent on the civilised world to dispatch these people to the same place as their victims, and as quickly as possible.

    General Norman Schwarzkopf of Gulf War fame had the right perspective when asked if there was any room for forgiveness towards the people who have harboured and abetted the terrorists who perpetrated the attacks on the USA on 11 September 2001. Schwarzkopf's answer was short and to the point. He said, "I believe that forgiving them is God's function. Our job is simply to arrange the meeting."


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